An Experiment In The Sweet Science

In January, my roommates came home one night with a poster for the annual Toughman Tournament. “You should do this!” they encouraged, “We will help you train for it…it’s only a month away!” I thought, “I need some excitement in my life, I have experience boxing…what do I have to lose?” I signed up the next day and began designing a plan for success. The toughest part was going to be the weight cut: 25 lbs in 30 days! Being the first week of January, all the holiday madness was still taking its toll on my body; it was going to be hell jumping from holiday sweets and 30,000 calorie days to a mere 1,500 calorie-per-day regimen. Nutrition The backbone of any training program is what you put in your body. The body really is a machine and output is directly correlated to inputs. My nutrition plan consisted of a modified … Continue reading An Experiment In The Sweet Science

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