3 Necessary Conditions for a Successful Business

Last month, I gave a presentation to small business owners about how to market their products and services “on a dime.” In my time operating CreMedia, we have never invested in marketing nor have we needed to, so I began to analyze what makes our process work so well. I did some personal research and reflected on my experiences of consulting with individuals, organizations, and other businesses. After some intense thinking, sketching, and scribbling notes, I arrived at a conclusion in regards to marketing: no matter what you do to market your business, it will not be successful unless you meet 3 qualifying conditions for success. I will elaborate more below. *Let me preface my 3 conditions by saying that this is not scientific fact or absolute truth. I encourage everyone to find their own personal truths in life, love, and business. However, you will be hard-pressed to argue that … Continue reading 3 Necessary Conditions for a Successful Business

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