Life Parallels to Outdoor Adventuring

Winter has subsided and ushered-in a new season of outdoor adventures to be undertaken. One of my favorite outdoor pursuits is hiking, and more recently, backpacking/backcountry camping. There is nothing quite like journeying out into the forest for several days with a map and everything you need strapped to your back. Just last week, I set out on my first backpacking trip of the season with my lovely girlfriend. The solitude of the wilderness and the simplicity of hiking all day can evoke some unique thoughts. I began drawing parallels between modern life and outdoor adventuring that seemed share-worthy.  These things may be self-evident, but many individuals do not regularly partake in outdoor pursuits, so I hope that some of my thoughts can provide some insight into everyday living and spark some inspiration to get out into the wild yourself. The list begins: 1. Plan To Work and Work Your Plan The … Continue reading Life Parallels to Outdoor Adventuring

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