Mother of All Burritos (MOAB)

To celebrate the new year, we crafted a 6lb monster burrito. I generally do not “food blog”, as you can tell by my amateur photos for this post, but I did want to share a feat of burrito engineering for the year 2015. I am dubbing this the Mother of All Burritos (MOAB) — a 6 pound burrito with half chicken, bacon, black bean, gouda filling and the other half with ground beef, refried bean, habanero jack filling. I will include the recipe below. This monster was conceived by my girlfriend and I to celebrate the new year. It serves 8 people easily and would prove to be a delicious party platter — or holiday dinner (fuck ham and turkeys). It took a total of 9 large tortillas for the base, glued together with a mixture of water and flour. Major props to Fontova Tortillas for delivering on their “no crumble” … Continue reading Mother of All Burritos (MOAB)

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