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My name is Brandon and I am a multimedia professional living and working in Northeast Ohio.

The things in life that motivate me are my family, technology, music, outdoor adventures, health/fitness and art.

My passion is helping others, and to this end I serve and support Neon One in web development and digital marketing the majority of my time. I also started a small multimedia firm over 10 years ago and still work with clients as well as support website maintenance and feature requests. And it has been some time, but I have teaching experience at Ohio University.

I have more than 10 years of experience contributing to and managing projects that include all facets of multimedia. Though I generally aid in technical implementation and strategy, my experiences range from print design to 3D animation, video production to custom website development, and all the business stuff in-between.

My wealth of experiences combined with systems-thinking allows me to bridge gaps between different functional groups within organizations.

Click here to see selected projects I have been working on.

If you or your organization want to make a digital something happen or need help beginning to think and talk through that something, drop me a line.

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